How Is My Baby, My Unborn Baby

The first concern of a mother is the status of her baby whether born or unborn. The second is about the wellbeing of her other babies or kids and lastly her family. Quite unsettling is the wellbeing of the unborn baby.The status of the unborn baby is puzzling and elusive because mothers have to believe and follow only the reassuring vitals that indicate babys’ wellbeing. More 60 % of the time of pregnant women is spent at home where there are no doctors to consult or some one to share real information about their wellbeing.  The hospital visits are the only opportunities for mothers to have their babies checked and this is majorly done through equipment such fetoscope and ultrasound. The equipment require medical personnel for interpretations and operation thus availability of these equipment determine whether status of the unborn baby is determined or not. Most of the time, health providers never get to know the problem until it is too late.

While medical experts and nurses are not always available when they are needed most especially at critical stages of determining the status of the pregnancy, mothers would need still constant reassurance on the state of their babies and the health. This is where our systems fail. This is where Pregmum idea came into being. and the driving questions for Pregmum are,’ How might we ensure that our mothers are comfortable during critical stages of motherhood? How might we ensure that the anxiety of mothers over their unborn babies during pregnancy is alleviated?How might we ensure safe motherhood for every girl or woman anywhere they maybe? We respond to these concerns.