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Where It Began,Where we are Heading to

Maternal related deaths continue to take away thousands of mothers and their babies in sub saharan Africa region. This is simply due to lack of grassroot systems for responding to the maternal unwellness and issues as they arise . This is due to stretched healthcare systems where there are inadequate number of nurses and doctors at the primary health structures and the few available are usually overloaded at the hospitals.As pregmum ,we provide a grass-root platform for detecting maternal and child health issues as they arise and relaying them to the appropriate medical and health care agencies for specific help.After winning a maternal-child health hackathon organized on August 2016 by Villgro Kenya,the team was awarded $1000 prize money . This was to help bring the team together and develop the very first prototype of the pregmum medical device and platform . Of the key issues we sought to address were under staffing, long waiting queues in maternity and antenatal units ,distant hospital facilities from the homesteads and low socioeconomic status of the women in the rural areas of Kenya.

While we keep going back to establish the problems impeding safe motherhood in Kenya, lack of grassroots support systems for mothers remain the denominator of the problems. We are currently in the final phase of product development and we are hopeful that this product will help monitor health status of our mothers at the comfort of their villages enabling them to attend to hospital during the scheduled visits and when necessary. The proposed Pregmum device system is solution with user-friendly IOT-enabled maternal monitor for remote monitoring. Using PregMum device,the community health workers and even volunteers at grassroot level can help detect any life-threatening maternal issues and in virtual collaboration with health experts , be able to initiate lifesaving measures.

  • Compatible and comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Quick Detection and Respond
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Long battery life
  • Pregnancy Profile on the Go
  • Healthcare provider assistance from long distance
  • Progress report during pregnancy monitoring
  • Document pregnancy after birth for later use.
  • Accessible on all digital mediums.

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