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This is our flagship device. For both home use and clinical use. PregMum has it all. Tested and Regulated to meet all Health Maternal standards and regulations.

Our Team

We provide creative solutions that get attention and meaningful to clients around the world.

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Nice to meet you!

I am so fortunate to be doing this, on a tech level.

Timothy Kimemia
Lead Software Development
Team Member

It's an opportunity to build something for mothers.

Bonface Sato
Lead Product Development
Team Member

As a nurse, it's an honor to serve a greater purpose.

John Kiragu
Lead Research Development
Team Member
Hello there!

Public health is no joke, respect to healthcare providers.

Linus Wambugu
Lead Business Development
Early detection / Early response

PregMum device that is an extended part of a larger environment, the PregMum System can be assessed from Hospitals, Mobile phones and from website portal. We extend our services and features so that it may benefit more than the mother but also closest to her and those involved.

Easily Customizable

PregMum is customizable to suit her desirable needs, from timing to scheduling to monitoring, we ensure she as the beneficiary of our solution and is of maximum comfort. Pregnancy is affected mostly by emotions, that’s why she may miss her visit due to complications and hormonal changes going through this woman...

Incredible Support

Accessed anywhere and everywhere, PregMum is not just maintained by engineers and technicians, but we have support from Nurses, Doctors, Midwives, Researchers to ensure the not just maximum comfort for the mothers and family but also engage maximum and optimal support in the research and development area in the healthcare...

Support 24/7

Not just for the mother, but to increase awareness to the family, community, institution, hospital and healthcare providers, PregMum is equiped with technical system to help support pregnancy monitoring all through the period. To achieve maximum improvement in maternal healthcare.



Maternal Health Perfected into one System.

PregMum devices

To ensure better health to mothers.
Empowering her with continuous pregnancy monitoring.

PregMum system

Real time checks and updates using application.
Enable healthcare providers gain clarity on pregnancy health.

PregMum Activities

Focus groups and Engagement activities.
Allowing mothers with the same pregnancy profile prioritized.

PregMum updates

Mobile / Email / Text updates on pregnancy.
Showing progress and recent activities through the pregnancy.



Gaining alot from engagements through customer feedback and affiliate partnerships. This is our timeline.

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let's work together

PregMum doesn't work with only one team.
Maternal Health cannot be tackled by one company alone.
Help us empower more mothers, communities and institutions with better, optimized maternal health related solutions.

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